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The Legend of Mir 2 is a sprite based isometric 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Korean-based Wemade Entertainment. There are currently four versions of Mir 2: Korean Mir, Chinese Mir, Taiwanese Mir, and European Mir. The Italian company Game Network is responsible for the operation of the European version of the game. Game Network originally had their own satellite television channel, but it was cancelled due to lack of funding.

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Similar to many MMORPGs, Legend of Mir 2 suffers from tailor-made cheat programs, and numerous bug exploits have been abused by players. Private servers are also a problem, as the server code has been leaked onto the internet on more than one occasion.

More recently Mir has been subject to packet editing, though it has been going on behind the scenes for some time it became more obvious when people started to exploit the Challenge NPC, resulting in multiple lvl 46+ characters appearing ingame within hours, 1000's of benediction oils being created and possibly the most clear sign of packeting, complete server crashing. However the game play is very addictive, compelling players to better themselves in acquiring powerful items and as such the virtual market of selling and buying Mir 2 Gold and power-leveling continues to thrive.

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With so many exciting, MMORPG's coming out every year, the temptation to explore these virtual worlds can feel irresistible. However, one major thought holds gamers back:  leaving behind everything you earned in your old game is not only a heartbreaker, but a colossal waste of all the time and effort you put in that game!

VanGogh's Legend of Mir Emporium now offers you the opportunity to move painlessly from game to game along with your hard earned virtual legacy. Whether you wish to move to another game or just earn a little extra cash, we are here to help you sell us your virtual currency!

VanGogh's Legend of Mir Emporium's Virtual Exchange services are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with permanent live help chat. We focus on providing top quality service with reliable and speedy results.  VanGogh's Legend of Mir Emporium's professional manner and smooth service is the result of years of experience as the pioneers of virtual currency transactions.

Please contact us either by email or "Live Help" and we'll be happy to discuss the details of the transaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is VanGogh's Legend of Mir Emporium?

VanGogh's Legend of Mir Emporium is a real business, an exchange site designed specifically for trading Legend of Mir online game gold and items. Not only are we cheaper than the auction and dealer sites, but our trades are instant and secure. Good Communication, lowest price, live customers support, flexible payment methods and instant delivery are the reasons that make us different from others.

  • You don't want to talk to somebody who doesn't understand you well.
  • You don't want to wait for email reply.
  • You don't want restrictive, long-term or delaying payment methods.
  • You don't want to be ripped off.

We are here for you to avoid all those problems.

How are deliveries made?

Deliveries are made inside most neutral towns to a character of your choice. If we are online, deliveries can be made as soon as the payment clears, if not we will email you to arrange a convenient time.

How do I know I will get my item?

How do you know you will get your item from any site? Well, first of all, everyone else has got theirs. We've been in this business for quite some time and we've already got quite a solid reputation, ask around! Secondly, on the front page there is a link to our eBay feedback where you can see praises from all our previous satisfied customers. Also you can see these Buyer Reviews scrolling above near the price list, just sit back and enjoy reading. There's not really much more we can do to prove that we are legitimate! Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

How do I buy?

On the front page above please select your desired amount from the price list with our current offers and then click "Buy It Now" to purchase with moneybookers.com or E-Gold. A new browser window will open for you to fill in the payment details. If you prefer to pay with Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer please contact us for the details. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us online by Live Help or any of the instant messenger programs (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ) displayed on our web site.

How much in-game gold do you have available?

We always try and keep enough in-game gold on stock to satisfy any immediate orders. If a very large order comes, we shall always do our best to have your order ready within 24 hours.

What kind of payment methods do you guys accept?

We currently accept moneybookers.com, E-Gold, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfer payment methods as they have proven throughout time to be very fast, reliable and safe. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information about them.

What is Moneybookers?

Moneybookers.com is a british payment processor based in England that allows you to make online payments using either your credit/debit card or your bank account. Please sign up for a free moneybookers account if you don't already have one and then go to the profile section to register your card or bank account details. After that you're ready to make your purchase.

What is E-Gold?

E-Gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage. E-Gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money. Specifically, the e-gold payment system enables people to Spend specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts. Only the ownership changes - the gold in the treasury grade vault stays put.

What is Western Union?

Western Union is a world wide money transfer service. Please click on the link to visit their official web site where you can find addresses for Western Union offices near you. United States and United Kingdom residents can also complete the money transfer orders from the confort of their own homes with a free phone call to 1-800-CALL-CASH (USA) or 0-800-833-833 (UK). For more information please contact us online and we'll explain the process in greater detail.

How do I sell in-game currency to you?

To sell in-game currency, please contact us via email or "Live Support". Our Legend of Mir representative will liaise with you. Let us know your server, the amount of currency to sell, your preferred payment method and we will give you our character names and location to meet you in game. After we have received the gold, we will send you the payment.

Your MSN/LiveChat is on or it sais your online on your website but you are not responding. What's wrong?

Sometimes we are in the process of delivering in-game currency and could not respond to you immediately. Please bear with us. We will respond to you as fast as we can. Please note that instant messaging is not always reliable. Please email us if you are having difficulties in messaging us.

Are there discounts for larger orders?

The good news is YES. This will be based on a case by case basis. Please contact us via email or instant messengers. Usually we accept moneybookers.com, E-Gold, Western Union and wire transfer as the payment method for the bulk sale.

How to protect from impostors?

It is always safer to deal with a well known trader and seller. However, due to the recent flood of MSN spoofing (faking MSN addresses to make you believe it's someone else you are talking to) done by scammers the following procedures are now implemented at mir2gold.com for all trades and purchases to protect our customers from being scammed:

1) When purchasing products make sure you always make your payment ONLY on our website. Check the spelling! Some scammers use minor variations in spelling to fool you! If someone asks you to send a payment to another address for ANY reason, it's not us!

2) When dealing with mir2gold.com staff over Live Support, MSN or other messenger programs, IF YOU ARE HANDING ANYTHING OVER FIRST before getting something when trading, send an email first with a password for him to repeat to you in a game if you are unsure!

3) An additional safety feature is to click on the "Live Chat" Button on our website. That links you directly to a mir2gold.com staff only if we are online via a "live" chat through your web browser.

Why spend real money on MMORPGs stuff?

For a lot of people online games are their main hobby. If you think about how much money people spend on other hobbies, then why shouldn't they spend money on enjoying online games? How is spending a few dollars on really getting a lot of enjoyment our of your favourite online game any worse than spending hundreds on stamps, skateboards or collecting cameras! If spending money means having more fun, we say go for it!
Welcome to VanGogh's Legend of Mir Emporium customer support. We pride ourselves in our high quality customer support, Open around the clock 24/7 to serve you.

Please check out our FAQ for immediate answers to your questions.

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We have gathered the most frequently asked questions for you. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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You can reach us on any of the messenger programs or email addresses below. If contacted by email please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond. If you have urgent issues that need our attention, please contact us via Live Chat or any of the messenger programs listed below:

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